Sunday, September 2, 2012

DJ Mystery- Best Of Mic Geronimo (Mixtape) (2001-02)

Man, i still remember when I 1st heard "Masta IC" on Rap City! It had me in a trance, i never heard a track like that before. The beat was hypnotic! The video was awesomely shot by a unknown director at that time...his name was Hype Williams. The slow motion views in the video was dope! It bring back crazy memories. I was a instant fan of this cat when this dropped. I remember my moms taking me and brother to the record shop shortly after that and i bought that single! I must played this joint like 10-15 a day for minute there. But because of him i was able hear Jay Z, Ja Rule & DMX for the 1st time. He put alot of cats on like Royal Flush. But he received flack caused he teamed up wit Puff for his 2nd LP, look i dont give a damn, he made the right choice at that time. In '97 Puff coulda ran for president, he was da shit and u gotta ride that wave anyway u can and thats what he did. Its a shame things didnt go well career wise after that but he had a great run in the game. Now this DJ who put this tape together i dont know much about, but its all tight tho! Enjoy this joint and remember he is always gonna b the Masta IC!

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