Friday, September 14, 2012

Recognize The Real presents...The Best Of Trackmasters

U wanna talk about a powerful producing duo! The Runners? yea right. Cool & Dre? ha ha c'mon son! The Neptunes? after 2003 not so much. This duo right here got mad classics under their belt!! They make that quality hip-hop & R&b that lasts for a lifetime! They have worked wit some of the all-time greats like Big, Jay, Nas, Mary J, R. Kelly and etc. And gave Will Smith a temporary hip-hop license wit some joints that sold mad records. These cats did it all man, and u will never get the extent of what they did until u hear this. They did Who Shot Ya (helped Nasheim put it together), they did I Shot Ya, One More Chance, Be Happy, Come Home Wit Me by Foxy.....and the list goes on and on. Please people just listen to this and u can grasp what im talkin about cause im runnin out of superlatives to say about these cats! Just open your ears and listen!

And little tidbits to pass along, did u know Big didnt like Tone when he was a rapper (Red Hot Lover Tone), but went on work wit him when he was a producer? "Jigga My Nigga" was intended for MC Lyte not Jay? "Did U Ever Think" by R. Kelly was almost scrapped cause R. Kelly was hours late for the studio session? Nas was sketchy to work wit them cause he didnt know if they could identify wit him but that changed once they played "The Message" beat for him? just some fun facts for u.

It Aint a Track Unless its Mastered


TapeDigger said...

Nice post man! Keep doing your thing, props

JayZgalore said...

They also did damn near all of the Best Of Both Worlds and Unfinished Business albums. Which I consider great albums. Also did the Rock My World (Remix) with Jay-Z and MJ, that's a classic.