Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Recognize The Real presents....BET After Dark Pt. 1

You know my mind races with ideas, and sometimes u cant keep them to urself u have to let them out and let them flow. I read a Eminem interview and he said he has rhymes comin out of his head everyday and he jots them down wherever he's at so he wont forget them. And in this blog game, its kind of the same way. I have to stay with constant refreshing ideas to keep my name out there. Im kinda already at a disadvantage cause i already posted all the mixtapes i have and thats because i been in this game since '08!! I mean i dont have 4 years worth of tapes to put out, the only person that i know who does is Tapemasta and he been in the game long before i knew what mixtapes was. So for me i gotta constantly stay fresh with new concepts thats why i been around for this long.
So this is a start of a new R&b series im doin called BET After Dark. If yall are OG BET heads like i was then u already know what it is. Yall know if the music is right and u wit ur ol' lady after dark u already know whats goin down, so i figure that title is appropriate. Plus this is a R&B series, R&B, as yall may know R&B dont exists anymore! Its Pop now, Pop music rules the airwaves now. R&B music requires true talent and a passion and somewhere after '01 i believe that was totally lost. I dont know what or how it happened but R&B music slowly began to vanish to now where its extinct. But thats OK, im gonna do my part to keep it alive! And look, all u young cats out there i was once the same way, i didnt pay attention to R&B when i was young either. It was strictly hip-hop all the time, but remember kiddos u get older and ur tastes change. It took me i guess when i went to high school to realize the true passion for R&B. It grew on me and i love it, my preference for R&B is around '84-85 to about '01. Thats the timeline for me, now i got nothing against older R&B before '84 but its just a little to old for me, i was born in '81 so '84-'88 is when i started hearin my mother playin R&B around that time so thats sticks to me. Hopefully yall will enjoy these mixes man, i put alot into it. I really dont care if i get major DL numbers off of this as well, its some thing i love to do to provide people with music and i will continue to do that no matter what. Enjoy! Oh, and as a added bonus there is another mix i added to this as well. So u gettin 2 for 1!!

BET After Dark pt. 1


The Dynamic Hamza 21® said...

How come every image of your mixes has "This Is A demo version" on it. Are using some sort of shareware? Why not use Gimp, Pinta or Paint.net?

Brandan E. said...

what it is, is that the program i got has ai license and if u dont buy the license the finished image has a watermark sign on it.

but its kool, it adds some mixtape flavor to it sorta like this is for promotional use only.