Friday, September 21, 2012

Recognize The Real presents.... A Medley Of DJ Clue Pt. 1

Yall know me, i have to stay creating. The minute i dont do that then i signaled to others that i have fallen off and i cant do that, i been in this game too long to fall off. And yall read this right, its A Medley of Dj Clue joints. What i did was i went thru all my Clue tapes i have and created mixes with songs from them. Now the 1 criteria i had was that the song can not b on a album. Cause if i did that it would have been too much. So i just picked freestyles and those rare songs u only find on mixtapes. None of these songs on these mixes u can find on an album (or soundtrack), only on mixtapes (at least i tried, 1 or 2 have might slipped on me). These mixes features some of ur fav. mixtape artists from yesteryear like Fabolous, Joe Buddens, The Lox, Paul Cain, A-team, Foxy Brown, some Jay, some Nas, some 50, NORE, and many many others! Trust me these Medley's are hot and they will bring back memories of when coppin mixtapes was a joy to do to hear those exclusives freestyles and other hot tracks!! Please check this and let me know what u think, many more to come!! William M. Holla is in the building.....Early!!!

Clue? pt. 1


ADVENT said...

Would you be able to post a tracklist? Would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Brandan E. said...

i wish i could, but the tracks i selected are from many of his tapes that i have. and i have no idea which track came from which. i done many of these so i didnt keep up with the tracklisting, sorry bro.