Friday, September 28, 2012

Recognize The Real presents....Who's The Best MC? Pt. 1

1st off i wanna thank Mister Cee for puttin the battery in my back for this series. His was dope but only lasted a hour, so u know he couldnt get in like i know he could (pause). But im gonna pick up the baton and go from there. Its a great question tho huh? Who is the best outta these 3? I mean when u mention these guys names i only think of: greatness, legends, rarefied air and in some way pioneers of my era of hip-hop. These 3 all brought things to the game that made me love it, each one played their part and did things most MC's wish they could do today.

Biggie to me was the first nigga i seen that was just cool to b him. He was one of the 1st to dress up and brought fashion to the game. I was only in the 7th grade when he came out and i wasnt on that level yet of stylin but he let me know what it meant to dress like that. His lyrics was crazy, i mean i remember when he said "Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis, when i was dead broke i couldnt picture this!" Me being in the 7th grade and hearing that in a rhyme was crazy to me!! He seemed like a really cool dude even tho at a young age he was accumulating power. What i mean by that is, when u have a whole coast respecting you for ur artistry is the ultimate form of respect. I mean niggas knew he was #1 and u couldnt say anything about it. I miss him period all the time.

Jay to me came along and had all the skills that was needed to succeed in this game. But he did it quietly and let his words do the talkin. When i 1st seen the Dead presidents video and i saw Biggie in it, i was like ok this nigga is official if Biggie co-signing him. Now i did not buy his 1st LP when it came out, my cousin did. I wasnt ready to go all in just yet. But when i heard it for myself when i borrowed it from him, i was impressed with his word play. So i was thinkin can he keep this up or b a one album wonder? Well he proved me wrong wit In my Lifetime Vol. 1, when i heard this i was all-in sold. Also Jay knew he was always in control, i call it a silent leader. People that was in his camp knew he was the head nigga, then later on other rappers knew he was #1.

Now Nas to me is the reason why i even took hip-hop serious. Yall know the story, back in '94 in the 7th grade i came home from school and turned the channel to BET. And there it was Nas' It Aint Hard To Tell video was on and it changed my life. I never heard a song or beat like that. I looked for that song for a year!! I didnt even know the name of the song, i just knew it was Nas. I remember i asked a friend of mine if he had Nas' Illmatic. He said he had no idea if he had it or not he had to search his house. So i was like damn, fast forward like a month or two i was over his house one late night chillin. And i was walkin thru his house and i stumbled over a tape. I didnt know what it was until i picked it up....and it was the Nas' LP. I was like yo!!! is this it right here?? He said ya thats it, cant believe u found it!! Now still i didnt know what the name of the song was until i came home and popped it in and i realized it was the last song on the album. I clearly must have jammed that joint all day that day and the next!! It was crazy. Nas to me is a great story teller but also a lyrical wizard!! Remember when he came out people was callin him the second coming!! He was the next nigga to take over the game and he did. From '94-95, almost every MC sampled his voice for a track, i mean what else can i say!

Who's the best MC?, I mean we argue all day about this!

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