Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Menace II Society Soundtrack (RTR Version)

I know some of yall is gonna clown me for this, but i didnt even see this movie until late '95! Ok, Ok, go ahead and laugh, go head. Yeah, i didnt see this movie until 3 years after it came out. Matter of fact when i saw this movie for the 1st time, i just saw the movie Friday (on bootleg!) the week before! Crazy right? But yeah, when I 1st seen this movie it was a shocker for sure. Now the TV i saw it on was kinda wack and it was a big screen but it didnt show well for some reason. So i had to deal with it, but man this movie was a great one! Its just sad tho on how many chances Caine had to get right, but he never did. His grandparents tried to tell him, his girl tried to tell him and even the girl he got pregnant tried to tell him (and her brother too face to face). But it was all to no avail. Being that young man, u just live too fast and do some ignorant shit. I mean we all done it, i have to, u hangin out wit ur boys and just do mischievous shit. You had to do it or boys will reject u as not being down. It just how things worked back then in those days. And this movie detailed all of that. But a major difference is that they live in LA and i lived in Texas. They take it to the tools while we stayed wit our hands. And in the end all of Caine's wrongs came back to get him, and he gave his own life save that little girl. Just straight up sad, but a great movie.
Now the soundtrack to this was already kinda good, but it was all over the place. And the mood of the Sdtk was very settle. So i wanted to re-work it to give it some edge and make it hard. Now i did keep some of the songs and added some new ones. I didnt want it to keep it totally west coast, cause i figured this movie kinda crossed over in the east coast as well. The only difference is lifestyles & location. So i did my best to blend east & west coast well on this Sdtk and to take it back to 1993. I think i nailed it personally, so if u have any opinions holla at ya boy and let me know! I told yall im droppin bombs today, and im still loaded!!

Menace II Society Sdtk (RTR Version)

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