Tuesday, December 25, 2012

New Jack City Soundtrack (RTR Version)

This movie was the one that opened my eyes up to the inner city NYC life and how it was. I mean it was real and fascinating. I was mesmerized on how Nino Brown established himself so quickly and just took over. Remember at the Carter this negro was making a million dollars a week.....A WEEK!! Thats insane!! But this dude was destined to fail, he had too many faults. #1 he already had a fine ass wife/ girlfriend (Vanessa Williams) she was fine and just treated her like another woman. #2 he never really gave his right hand man Gee Money his proper light. Gee Money felt like he could do more and he had his faults as well but it was brought on by Nino. He messed around wit his girl he was wit 1st and he relapsed on drugs that messed up wit his judgement. #3 Nino was too cold hearted, he would double cross anyone to get what he wanted. He did Gee Money wrong, he beat up that old man (he would have the last laugh on that one), plus when the mafia tried to kill him he used those little kids to shield him away from the bullets (now thats straight up reckless!). All those faults at the end doomed Nino. Gee Money's relapse on drugs messed wit his judgement to bring on Pookie in the Carter and he didnt do his proper background check on Ice-T before he brung him to Nino cause all he wanted was that money up front if the deal wit down. And that was money he was never gonna get from Nino the longer he was in business with him.
Ice-T did a incredible job in this film, if u asked anyone they would tell u that nobody thought Ice could do this. I mean he looked like a natural man! He nailed it and i felt his pain when Nino told him how he killed his mother with no remorse, and how Ice-T whipped his butt outside of the Carter i was right there with him wanting him to do it.
But the ending of this film was crazy cause Nino almost got away wit what he did! This dude was only gonna serve about a year for what he did! Thats insane! But like i said that old man got the last laugh and made sure he got what shoulda came to him. Crazy & Dramatic!
Now the soundtrack to this movie was a major success but im trying to figure out how?  It was only 1 hard hip-hop track on here and the rest was R&B!! They labeled this Sdtk contemporary hip- hop & R&B!! Can u believe that? Does this movie has any R&B attitude or flavor in it? Hells Naw!! But this Sdtk sold maddd copies, so remember what i told u before, hip-hop back then was simple and puttin together a Sdtk back then was simple. Just put some music on there from the label and get new acts out there. Thats it. So i had to do what i had to do on this. I only kept 2 songs from orig. Sdtk and scrapped the rest. I gave it that hard edge that this Sdtk. needed plus some melodic joints on there as well. I think i really nailed it on this one and i know if this was 1991 all over again my version would have sold just about as many copies for sure!! Please enjoy it yall!

New Jack City (RTR Version)

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