Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Recognize The Real presents The Best Of Nashiem Myrick

Now right off top some of u cats are thinking who in the hell is this nigga? Yo Brandan u are losing it, WTF? What this nigga had done in the game? Well I wanna tell yall dudes right now... I will put this dude tracklisting up against anybody's in the game!!!! Thats right u heard me!! I will put this dude's body of work up against anyone!!!! This guy's produced some of the most greatest tracks in the golden era of '94-98 and a few in '99-00. I wish i can tell u guys exactly what tracks he done but i cant give it away right now, u have to listen to this to get the surprise. First of all he was a member of Puffy's most famous Hitmen production team! So that right there should answer most questions of what u have for him. To me, he was the diamond amongst all the other producers in that group. This man did the track by one of the greatest of all of all-time that inspired another greatest of all-time to get better (i hope i didnt give that 1 away). He did tracks for BIG, Jay, Nas, CNN, Black Rob, Mase, Shyne, Puff, Faith, Mary J, Lil Kim, Mic Geronimo.......just to name a few. Im a say one more time, this man produced some of the most important tracks ever in the golden era of hip-hop from '94-'98. I wish I can say more without giving it away, but i guarantee you that this mix will be in rotation in ur rides for a long time!! I had to go all the way in on this one as well, i couldnt sell it short, i had to bring u guys all the work this man has done in the game! This is a great treat im giving yall this Christmas, i hope u love it!! Enjoy & dont eat too much, u dont wanna get full, i have dessert comin next!

Best of Nashiem Myrick

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