Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Recognize The Real presents The Best Of Just Blaze

Is it safe to say that Just Blaze is one best producers of all-time? Sure. This man became one of all-time greats in the 2000s!! U know what im sayin? Most of the all-time greats made their reps in the 80s & 90s. But its rare for a producer to b on that pedestal in this decade cause of how the game is now. But Just bucked all those trends and Blazed a new one. Gotta give props to Mase & Big Pun, they saw the potential he had and liked what they heard from him and gave him shot! Thats all u need is opportunity. Then Jay put the battery in his back to b great cause we all know Jay has been known to put pressure on the producers he's workin wit to create some hot music. Like he says "Dont be wastin my MF'in time!" (quote from Fade to Black) When the pressure is on from one of the all-time great MC's u have to perform and thats what exactly he did. Wit that intro on Jay's Dynasty LP, that put up him up there in the top tier of producers in the game at that time. Oh and please dont forget the heat rock he gave Beanie Sigel on "Who Want What"!!! Man when that dropped it was crazy!! What Just Blaze did to certify me in my book is two throwaway beats he made that he didnt expect to be big and they did, which was "Oh Boy" & "What We Do"! Those beats he said was some stuff he made on his free time and didnt consider them to be huge at all. I remember when that Freeway "What We Do" came out, man we wouldnt even start work at my job until that song came on every morning on the radio. The day wouldnt even b right until we heard it at least one time to get our day going. Those we the days. Now once again i could have over killed this mix as well cause JB has too many bangers out there, so i just took bits and pieces from '99-03. Once again some of yall might b surprised he produced some of these joints on here so b prepared to b enlightened! Just Blaaaazzzzze!!

Just Blazed

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