Saturday, December 8, 2012

Recognize The Real presents The Best Of DJ Clark Kent

Everybody thinks this dude is popular just for sneakers. Everybody thinks this dude is just popular for fashion. You see those everybody's dont know nuthin about what this dude is really known for. People think he just popped on the scene in the mid 2000's! And just like Biggie they are DEAD WRONG! This man is considered a pioneer in someways for what he contributed to hip-hop and NYC hip-hop culture. Before everything he was a DJ who was the best around for a number of years in the mid to late 80's. His Supermen DJ crew used to take out all competitors at every DJ competition. He did alot of NyC radio in those days as well making his name known. But this man discovered one of the greatest mC's ever to do it and was great friends wit the other greatest mC ever to do it. I mean what other compliment and title can u be known for right? I mean dammmmn. Then behind the boards this man is one of the all-time greats. He has done many classics that many people dont even know he did. Like on this best of i made for him i couldnt even get all what i wanted on here without being over done. So i think i did a great job of doin this mix the way it should b done. And i know all peoples out there will love this! The man knows sneakers. The man knows nYC hip-hop. The man brought out Jay. The man was very great friends wit BIG. And the man did Brooklyn's Finest. Anything else u wanna know? I think that should cover it, please check out the mix!

Clark Kent Knows

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