Thursday, December 24, 2015

Classic Hip-Hop Throwback Footage Pt. 10: BET Rap City- Ghostface Killah (2000)

Happy Holidays to u all, hope u enjoying ur time wit family & friends!! I know these joints i provided for u guys today is the soundtrack for ur christmas eve.....(hopefully)!! Now lets relax by the fire for another episode from my vault shall we??.......

There is alot of history behind this episode right here. Alot of rumors got started with this one that carried on for a couple years. Now the basis for this show was Ghostface comin thru promoting his now 5-star classic Supreme Clientele album! It was another dope show as usual until something crazy happens during the middle of it. Now i know they was trying to have a certain storyline playout for this episode. Just to make it more fun (kind of) and crazy like a movie or something like that. But for some reason it went wayyyyyy left than what it was supposed to. Big Tigger stayed on the script but Ghost i guess u can say took a lil too far! After this show Ghostface would come back on Rap City throughout the years but everytime he was on the show mysteriously Big Tig was not there or a guest host was there to fill in. Call it what u want but obviously something went awry during this show that was not in the script at all. Once again when i 1st posted this going on 6 years ago it made it rounds everywhere including Youtube, so yes thank me once more for this gem! I always kept my finger on that record button people, BET wont ever show this again!!

Ghostface on BET Rap City 2000 from Brandan Evans on Vimeo.

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