Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Classic Hip-Hop Throwback Footage Pt. 5: BET Rap City- Notorious BIG (1997)

Almost done upping more tapes, still working on it, dont worry.....back to the vault shall we?

Now this is a rare treat!! Biggie made a appearance on BET's Rap City about a month before he passed out in LA. I do remember seeing it. Sadly enough after he passed BET re-aired the interview couple weeks after. I remember catching it at night when they re-showed it, all i could do is just stick a tape in the VCR and record it before i went to bed for school the next day. Once again thank god i recorded this cause its so rare!! It just makes me sad cause i know Biggie had plans for the Life After Death album. Many questions i wish coulda been answered...did he & Jay got started on the Commission album? what was gonna b the next video planned for Life After Death after Hypnotize? did he feel like he was being watched out there in LA? what was Puff's Hell Up In Harlem (it was not named No Way Out originally, Puff changed it after Big passed) really was gonna sound like and what he was gonna add to it? So many questions man, i just wished he would have left LA unharmed....

Biggie On Rap City '97 from Brandan Evans on Vimeo.

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