Monday, December 14, 2015

Classic Hip-Hop Throwback Footage Pt. 4: BET Rap City- Notorious BIG Tribute (1999)

Still uploading tapes for u guys, just gonna take a lil time. Bare with me, but in the mean time lets go back into the vault!!

This was one of those times im glad i was channel surfing the right way. This was sometime during the middle of my senior year (1999) and i was flipping channels to see what was on and i stumbled across this on BET. So i missed the beginning part but i hit that record button real fast! Back then BET wasnt re-running stuff like this, it was neither u saw it or u didnt! One this day they gave a tribute to the late great Notorious BIG interviewing people that he was close to plus others that worked at Bad Boy. Real classic how this was put together and im happy i decided run across this on TV!

Biggie Tribute on Rap City '99 from Brandan Evans on Vimeo.

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