Friday, January 25, 2013

Hov & Beans Collabos (RTR Mini's)

Its kinda of shame of what happened wit these 2 over the years. I never thought it would get to that point. But at least they almost patched things up at Jay's Philly show he did last year that featured Young Chris & Freeway, Beans was supposed to be there as well but he had gotten arrested and is now facing jail time. So at least its well to hear that these guys kind of buried the hatchet. Cause these two together was quite the duo when they was rhyming together. Other than Jaz O, Sauce Money or BIG, i dont know any other person that rhymed together well wit Jay. Ok, so just incase u forgot this mix will get u re-acquainted with how well these two were together. I took tracks from Jay's & Beans' LP's wit them featured together and created a lil mini mix plus other songs included. I hope u all will enjoy this and embrace listenin to these 2 spittin side by side! Its still Rocafella yall......

Hov & Beans

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