Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Def Squad- Cosmic Slop Funk (RTR Mini's)

I know people thought that when EPMD broke up they didnt expect much from Erick Sermon goin forward. PMD took Das Efx wit him and formed the Hit Squad. E-Double at the time was going thru some struggles there for a minute but he took Redman wit him and he had the lyrical lexicon Keith Murray in his back pocket. Together they formed Def Squad, a group of which that featured a comic slop funk type of style. Each one of them could rhyme and wit Erick providing those spaced out funk-style beats, everything was a perfect match. To me this is one of my all-time fav. groups, i loved everything they did. Still kind of wondering why Prodigy sent a shot at them on Mobb's 1st LP talking about their style, but we all know Keith handled that beef. A matter of fact i found out about that beef in a issue of Vibe magazine back in '96 cause i had no idea that Prodigy was dissing them when he said that "space shit that makes no sense". Crazy. But Def Squad was a group that gave us many classics and took advantage of their success wit their group LP that came out in '98. Most groups dont even drop a LP and they did so u gotta give them props on that. So here's my gift to u all, which is a mix of this group most definite cuts they had ever laid down. This is jam packed all the way thru and i hope u guys love it!! Remember Def is da Squad!

My Squad stays Def

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