Friday, January 25, 2013

Terror Squad- Terror Era (RTR Mini's)

This crew was a crew to b reckoned once upon a time in hip-hop! It was unheard of that a crew of latinos can put it down the way they did it. And they wasnt comin wack they was comin hard! I loved them and i def. thought they was dope. But wit one talkin during the Big Pun era. When Pun was still alive in the squad they was a supreme team. But soon as Pun passed things wasnt the same. Triple Seis left when Pun died, then Cuban Link & Joe got into a huge dispute and fight and he was gone, then you incorporate Remy Martin who was recruited by Pun then after a while her and Joe had a fallen out and she ducks out, and lets not forget Tony Sunshine was around when Pun was there but eventually left the group case Joe was not payin him money he earned. Then "Lean back" drops and its the biggest song on the country but the LP only goes gold?????? Cmon son! (Ed lover voice) That album was poor at best but they didnt drop it when the single was out they waited too long to release and killed them. No way in the world that album should have only went gold with a single like that. Like I said before when Pun passed the squad was not the same. Pun made everybody better, he made Joe a heck of alot better. Joe went downhill to me after Pun passed. Joe's last best LP to me was Joe Cartengena and that was way back in '99!!! I just didnt think the squad would fall apart they way it did when Pun passed. Very similar to how Junior Mafia went apart when BIG passed. So lets go back for a minute when it was Terror Era! When these niggas was makin true hardcore hip-hop tracks. This is the Terror Squad i know pictured above, now lets reminsce to when it was all good and make it Terror Era all over again. Please rock out to this concoction i made up and blaze it up! TS baby!

Terror is the Squad

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