Monday, January 7, 2013

House Party Soundtrack (RTR Version)

This right here is my #1 movie of all-time, i just love this film. It captures a moment in time in my younger years of all it was about. Hanging out wit ya boys in school, organizing a party at the crib, setting up all the parameters, making it happen, then reliving the moments at school Monday morning. Plus this was a time when hip-hop was all about fun, It was all love back then. People having dancing contests and all of that. I remember those dance contest days and groups used to go at it and being madd creative. Its a shame the younger generation wont know anything about this and how things used to b. Every time i watch this movie it automatically brings me back to '90-'92 when i was in the 4th-5th grade and what hip-hop meant to me at that time. I just love it!
Now the soundtrack to this was ok, but it def. was lacking. It was not as banging as it should have been. So u know i had to spin my flavor on it. I kept some songs on here and omitted the others. Now i think i did a great job on this, it was only 11 songs on this soundtrack so i had to keep in the time frame of that. I didnt want to mess it up but i know this will bring u back to '90 when this movie came out. They dont make them like this no more!

House Party (RTR Version)

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