Thursday, January 3, 2013

Evil Dee & Funkmaster Flex- Hot 97 Mixtape (1996)

Wow, i cant even tell u the last time i actually posted a vintage mixtape. Like i said, if somebody sends me stuff i will post it. I posted all my mixtapes years ago so anything i can get that hasnt been already on the net, im upping it! For people living in NYC right now they think Hot 97 has always been like it is now and that is far from the truth!! Hot 97 in the 90s probably hands down was the best radio station for hip-hop ever!! So many moments happened there thats its too many to count, so many classic freestyles and on & on. If u wanted to listen to real hip-hop u listen to Hot 97, thats how it was in the 90s in NYC. Now Hot 97 has fallen into the trap to play what everybody else is playing just like BET and so many other outlets. Its the same ol crap and nobody wanna hear that, so thats why Sirius XM & Satellite Radio is winning right now. If u think about it, Hot 97 used to b runned like a Satellite Radio station cause they used to play hardcore hip-hop with cussing in it and live freestyles unfiltered! On this rare mixtape u cats can hear what Hot 97 used to b like, Evil Dee & Funkmaster Flex holdin it down for the '96 on this one! Thanks to my boy Johannes from Germany for this!

Where Hip Hop Used To Live

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