Friday, January 11, 2013

Class Act Soundtrack (RTR Version)

Another one of all-time favs, this joint was def. a classic. I remember when i saw this for the 1st time in '92 in the 5th grade and i wondering why our school didnt pop off like that. But anyway, this movie epitomizes what school was like in the 90s. Believe it or not school at that time for me was actually fun. I mean school was actually cool in the earlier years and towards the end u just cant wait to get it over with. But Kid & Play made school look like fun in this movie! It was very funny and hip-hop was kind of incorporated in this film. And for the record Hilary (from Fresh Prince) was fine as hell in this film and even finer in Major Payne.
Now the soundtrack for this very lacking to say the least. So i had touch it up a bit. For the most part only a couple songs i kept from this cause they played a role in the movie. The songs i added played a part in the film and sort of relates to it. So i tried my best wit this and i think the finished product came out well. So lets go back to '92 and relive this movie in audio form. Enjoy it people!

Class Act (RTR Version)

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