Friday, August 5, 2011

Cutmaster C- ???????? (1996) (Mixtape)

U know i kinda feel like my blog is being reborn with new clever ideas. And im just happy that u the people is feelin what im doing and the love is great trust me.
Im an old cat tryin to keep up with the youngstas out there, and i came across somethings i think the masses will like.

Now this tape here i wanna say is one of the best tapes i ever posted on here. And i am glad that this has never been posted on the net! Now i have no idea what the name of this tape is. Cutmaster C never mentions the name of this tape during the tape either. So i have no clue what the name is. But this tape pound for pound is one of the all-time best i ever heard. He has tracks on here that wont even be out until '97 on a '96 tape!!! Yall know i dont do tracklistings, but im tellin u this tape will blow ur mind with whats on it!! This right on that DJ Clue- Clueminatti pt. 2 level! Ok, i said enough just cop this and rock to it!!
Shouts out to my boy Tim Brown!

Cutmaster C '96

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bbk said...

I'm pretty sure this tape is "money is the root of all evil"