Friday, August 5, 2011

The Dream Team- Ripper Strikes Back (1998) (Mixtape)

Thats right, im hittin u in da head wit another one! This is a lovely tape from '98 with dope jams all over it! Plus some rare radio DMX freestyles! DMX in his prime was one if the illest rhymers out there, just the way he was rappin made u get in a grimy stance and just rock to it! Classic material and a classic tape! No tracklistings people, just build that anticipation up so u can rock to this one! Never been posted on the net!

On a side note, this a APB to people out there: If u have any old mixtape cassettes lyin around ur house and u wanna contribute to what im doing, please email me at! I can rip them and post them then give them right back to ya. Its simple as that. Send me the tapes, i rip'em, post em and ship em! Easy as 123! Please feel free to e-mail people!!

Dream Team '98


Law Mont said...

Yo bro this tape is dope good posting..and those X freestyles were too hard!!

Law Mont said...
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