Sunday, August 7, 2011

LP Thoughts: Angie Martinez- Up Close & Personal (2001)

Ok while im still building up more Source Fat Tapes, I introduce u to another feature on my blog called LP Thoughts. U know every album back in the day that u copped has a story surrounding it and ur personal opinion on it. So that is what i am gonna do with some LPs I purchased myself. This feature also requires ur participation in it as well. Feel free to speak on these LPs and share ur thoughts and theories on them!

Lets begin, i know on this LP i might surprise a few people but i did cop this when it dropped in 2001. I thought Angie held her own on Ladies Night. Then on KRS's I Got Next, she had a joint on there she did wit Redman and the Blastmaster himself. And she did her thing on that as well. So i just kept it in the back of my mind that hey Angie is pretty aiight.
So in mid-2001 i was jammin a new DJ Clue mixtape that featured a joint she did wit Prodigy "New York, New York". That joint to me was hard! I found myself repeating it a couple of times. So at this point, Angie was growing on me. Then the joint that did it for me was "Mi Amor" that she did wit Jay Z! I 1st heard that on a Clue tape as well, and i was really impressed wit it. I remember many people gettin down to that joint whenever they played it! Not so long after that the word was out that Angie was droppin a LP. When it dropped, i picked it up not so long after and i was really impressed wit it. U gotta take that gamble sometimes and on this one it was worth it. A couple joints on here had me rockin like "No Playaz", "Live from the Streets" (the LOX & Beanie Sigel killed this) & "Dem Thangs".
The crazy thing was that back in '03 i gave this CD away! Why, i dont know but i DL'd again a couple of years ago and when i listened to again i was satisfied that i didnt waste my money on this when i originally bought it. Plus it didnt hurt that i always thought that Angie was fine. But thats another story!

Ok, whats ur thoughts on this LP?

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