Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Source Fat Tape: May 2003

I always said that the golden era for my era was '92-98. And from '99-'03, Hip-Hop was still in a good place. But after '03 hip-hop had alot of up & downs, never consistent. There were alot of ups but the downs kinda overshadowed them. To now where the downs are just dreadful. So to me 2003 was the final year hip-hop was worth keepin up with. Yeah u had surprises like Kanye & 50 but thats far and between. 2003 was a great year.....the whole year. Name another year since then thats been great the entire year..........still thinkin..........go ahead ill give u more time.....

The track replaced off of this was:
Craig G- Executioner's Song w/ Ready Set Begin (off of same LP)

May '03


scjoha said...

This is great! Thanks for all the Fat Tapes! It would be great to get them all together in one place. There are a couple 1994 and 1995 tapes to be found on filelink sites like filestubes and filetram. But allegedly there are also some 1991, 1992, and 1993 tapes from the thimk blog. But Victor Lopez posted them on another blog that is only for invited readers. Do you have these tapes? I would love to have them. And another question: Are the tracklists for all the Fat Tapes to be found on the net? Where do you get the info from to compile the tapes?
again, thanks for your work. Checked your blog, and you got a nice impressive archive of mixtapes. Respect, man!

Brandan E. said...

i appreciate all the love man.
my friend Victor Lopez did post some of the older fat tapes and that was awhile ago when he did that.

i do not get any of these tracklists from the internet, these are straight scanned from the issues that i own.

i do have some of these songs and some i dont, so the ones i dont i replace them with songs that actually are on that same LP or a song that came out around the same time that 1 did.

i enjoy doin these and i hope u enjoy them!

scjoha said...

Vincent Lopez is your friend? He posted some really nice unreleased gems on his blog. Unfortunately I can't get any of them because I discovered it just recently and all those zshare links of course have been dead for a couple of years now. Wish I would have been up to all the great blogs (including yours) two or three years ago already.
Anyway, do you think you can reach him and tell him to reup all (or at least some) of the great stuff he has? For instance that unreleased redman joint that he didn't even knew the title of so he titled it "The Real Batman".
Maybe you can give me his E-Mail?
And of course I'm loking forward to more of your Fat Tapes, Brandan!

Brandan E. said...

my man Vincent is out the game bro. he retired a long time ago. he still comes by every now and then and drops a shout out but thats it.
he did his thing for a while but i guess he takin it easy and chillin.
sorry to break the news to u.
glad u like what im doing and im gonna continue to hold u down.

scjoha said...

Damn, that's bad. I'll try to hit him up via mail.

Maybe you have that Redman – The Real Batman track? Or some of the other stuff like:
Nas – Source Freestyle featuring Kid Capri – from Nas is Coming
The Last Emperor w/ KRS-One, Young Zee, and Channel Live – Yeah –1996
Special Ed, Craig G, Large Professor and Freddie Foxxx Freestyles – 1990
Lord Finesse and AG – Stretch Armstrong freestyle – 1992
Masta Ace Inc. – Stretch Armstrong freestyle –1993
Redman – Big Daddy Kan’s birthday party freestyle
Underground Airplay mixtape
DJ Wreck 1998 Mixtape
the 40 tracks file from this post:

O.K., I'll stop now before I get completely caught up in me being so eager to get my hands on this rare stuff that had been posted three years ago.
You already helped me a lot, Brandan, so thanks for that!

Brandan E. said...

appreciate it
make sure u go thru my whole blog and get what u can get plus my Remain Anoymous mixes i made, thoe got rare tracks on their as well.
enjoy and stay tuned!