Wednesday, August 24, 2011

LP Thoughts: Beanie Sigel- The Truth (2000)

Well i started to hear about Beans on Jay's 2nd LP on "Reservior Dogs" and the smash hit "Money, Cash, Hoes" RMX. Those joints was ok to debut on. Then in '99 u saw him on the Hard Knock Life Tour kickin that same ill freestyle every night at every show. I know yall saw the movie about the tour, he was a lil grimy nigga straight from the street but u know that he could rhyme his ass off. Later on that year I heard him on Puff's 2nd LP and Biggie's Born Again. So the buzz is kinda goin. A friend of mine while i was in Boot Camp A-School (US NAVY) who was from Philly asked me, u heard of Beanie Sigel? I was like yeah he's pretty kool. He then told me yo, check this out! It was a cd called Best Of Beanie Sigel! I was like a Best of??!! This man dont even have a album out yet and he has a Best Of? I was like ok this dude is somethin else. Then word got out that his LP is droppin early 2000, i was ready.
I copped the LP the day it came out and i was eager to hear what he was comin wit! And he got me goin right away with the 1st track, "The Truth" which was produced by a early Kanye. Then the 2nd track was "Who Want What" by a early Just Blaze! So right away i was pleased wit what i was hearing! "Remember Them Days" was nice track for the family and all that. A song that dont get much recognition was "Stop, Chill"!! I used to repeat that song alot and it was produced by Rockwilder. It shocked me cause that beat do not sound like a Rockwilder track at all. Buckwild keeps things movin wit "What A Thug About". And the motion picture sounding "What Ya Life Like" is like the icing on the cake for me. That song there is so theatrical thats its insane! Jay-Z finishes things off with "Anything" which is one of my all-time fav. Jay tracks! I love the sample and everything plus the video was dope! The crazy thing about that song is that Jay thought that it was gonna blow up like "Hard Knock Life"cause of the same familiar sample and it didnt do that. So he considered it a fail. I gotta correct him on that, it was a epic win to me! I very much love that record!
All and all this LP was a banger man, u can say its semi-classic!!? Maybe? I dont know.

Whats ur thoughts on this LP?

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