Tuesday, August 30, 2011

LP Thoughts: Canibus- Can-I-Bus (1998)

I first heard of Canibus on Wyclef's "Gon Til November" and i quickly dismissed that track cause i didnt like Wyclef at all. So i pretty much didnt pay attention to him on that one. The next time was on Lost Boyz "Beasts Of The East" and thats when my radar was up on him. He spit one of the most memorable verses on a hip-hop track. His whole rhyme that he kicked was fire! I was like damn ok, he iight! But the joint that put on notice wit everybody was LL's "4321". It was his verse and all that went on because of it that put him on blast.
If u heard the orig. rhyme he spit on that, he asked LL if he could borrow that mic that is tatoo'd on his arm. Canibus wanted to get one on his arm as well. I guess LL didnt like that too much and went off him on his verse of the track. The two had a dispute and had a talk, Canibus said he would change his rhyme and LL said he would as well. Well Canibus changed his but LL didnt. And LL's verse was one of the hardest i ever heard him spit (had to throw that in there).
Un-beknown to LL he would now be involved in a battle that could threathen his career. I first heard 2nd Round TKO on the radio down here late night on a show called "Straight From the Streets" where they premier the latest songs thats poppin in NYC. And what i heard on that track was mind-boggling!! He straight ripped on LL this track! Then the video just put the icing on the cake! It had my man Tyson on there and the whole thing was dope. I bought the single to the track the day it came out! I was blasting that song damn near everyday!! Everybody was anticipating this man's LP to come out! Plus he was killing it on mixtapes from everyone! So the only debate was how ill would his LP be? Will it be a classic?......
In '98 when his LP dropped i was all geared up to buy his LP. I had my sights set on it! But suddenly i started to hear some not so good feedback from my friends about the LP. I was hearing, "No so good", "wack beats", "very average if that". I was like this cant be, they gotta be lying! I gotta hear this myself, so i was able to buy it used at a store for a low price (had to take it). And what i heard was very depressing man. "Get Retarded" was dope, cant front on that and props to Salaam Remi on the track. "I Honor U" was the 2nd single from the LP and i liked this one too. Real stuff he was speakin on that one. Then u got a banger wit "How We Roll", which was the b-side to 2nd Rd TKO. And this track is hard and i cant believe Clark Kent did this!! Then sadly enough thats it yall. 4 tracks is all i can rock to on this, thats it.

I gave this CD away to a friend of mine back in '03, i just had no use for it no more. Still questions linger for me about Canibus......why nobody took him in their camp i.e. Def Squad or Lost Boyz? Why in the hell did he hook up with Wyclef? Why did he go at Eminem? Dont get me wrong, this man can rhyme his ass off and he still droppin joints today but why didnt he go the way we thought? All in all this LP was kinda of a fail. Defintely a let down on my end.

Whats ur thoughts on this LP?


Bruto Lee Onis (pronounced Brutally Honest) said...

Nice post yo! I still debate Canibus' career with friends of mine(Who won 'Bus or Em?, What ifs etc.). I know Em got a Tim Westwood interview on youtube tellin his side of the story.
I was disappointed with the first LP too. I thought his 2nd LP 2000 B.C was a lil better. C-True Hollwood stories should not be mentioned, lol. I think Bus got some serious issues re: the moves & choices hes made in his career...But the fact that he can still spark a convo/debate amongst us, shows his impact on the game.

The Dynamic Hamza 21 said...

I never got all the hype surrounding canibus. The two most important ingredients for emceee to have are 1)vocal quality and 2) vocal delivery. Canibus has neither. His voice is like Freeway's it's annoying quick and his flow is off. It always sounds like he's trying to flow rather having a natural flow like Mos Def. I don't understand how people can not hear Onyx everytime he opens his mouth. He sounds just like a Onyx clone.