Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Source Fat Tape: September 1994

The tracks replaced off this was:
Nice & Smooth- Sky's The Limit w/ Nice & Smooth- Old To The New (off same LP)

Sept. '94


scjoha said...

Slow down son, you're killin' em...
Damn Brandan, you just posted a ton of the fat tapes!
Only one small gripe: The mp3's from some of the tapes don't work. Notably from the following ones:
December 1993
December 1997
December 2000
July 1997
March 1998
March 2000
May 1999
November 1996

Problem may be on more tapes, haven't downloaded all of them yet. The mp3's do play, but there's no sound. Just silence.
Other than that, great work, man! Keep 'em coming!

Brandan E. said...

thanks for pointing that out,
i found out about that problem right after posted some of them. so i guess they are lost causes.
but i corrected since them and im moving forward.
so u good to go now, just keep goin.

thanks. and sorry for the ones that dont work.