Thursday, August 11, 2011

LP Thoughts: Big Pun- Yeeeah Baby (2000)

Pun achieved great success on his 1st LP. So when word spread around that he was gettin ready to drop his second LP in 2000, i was thinkin how can he follow it up?
Well sadly enough he passed before the LP dropped. So we kinda never know how the LP was supposed to come together orig. or what other tracks coulda been recorded to add on to it. So Fat Joe and his camp did their best to compile this LP the best they could for release.
In my opinion, this LP was pretty ok. I think it coulda been better but they had to do with what they had. But the lead single for this LP is a classic in my book which was "Its So Hard"! And this track was definetly that...HARD!! At the time i was living in NJ and HOT 97 had this on rotation all the time. Matter of fact, right before this LP dropped i went to NYC to visit & tour and right on Times Square i saw a Big Pun promo van jammin that track extra loud promoting the single. It was crazy!
The other tracks on this LP i was pumpin alot was "My Dick" (no homo) and "Laughing At You". That Laughing At You cut seemed to be also the people's choice as one of their fav. tracks as well cause all my friends that owned this LP was always playin that song.
Like i said, all & all this LP was pretty ok but we never know how it woulda turned out if Pun was alive to see this album through.

Ok, so whats ur thoughts on this LP?

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Anonymous said...

It was pretty good album,not classic but has some classic tracks for sure.I been downloading some mixtapes off here and I wanna say you have a great site bro.This site should have have plenty of comments on it. keep up the good work.