Monday, August 1, 2011

The Source Fat Tape: November 2000

The tracks that was replaced off this was:
Redman & Lady Luck- Come And Get It w/ The Dwellas- Da Ruckus (circa 2000)
Memphis Bleek- PYT w/ Do My (off the same LP)
Slimm Cutta Calhoun- Why Ya Smilin w/ How Much Can I (off the same LP)

Nov. '00


scjoha said...

Ha Brandan, after I saw that you had to replace the Slimm Calhoun - Y U Smilin track (because you don't have it I assume) I went on a quick google hunt - here it is:


I'm glad you reminded me of that track by way of this Fat Tape, because I saw it on Cocaineblunts, but the link there was dead and it's unreleased, from The Skinny promo. But luckily nothing on the web ever seems to get lost, so here it is! Glad I found it because I collect everything Outkast (it has a nice Big Boi verse.) the song is cool!

Brandan E. said...

thanks for that, hopefully others will see this and get it.
appreciate it.